Corfu archaeological museum

It is the larger of Corfu museums, a two-floor building with a courtyard garden and a balcony at the south and east side of the first floor.

Built at the 60s under the standards followed then for buildings intended to be Museums and started its operation in September of 1967.

The Archaeological Museum is located at Garitsa, just a few minutes away from the Old Town of Corfu.

The largest western hall along with other artifacts from ancient temples of Paleopolis is the pediment of the Temple of Artemis in 580 b.c with gigantic dimensions, 17 meters wide and 3 meters height and its central theme is the mythical monstrous Gorgon.

Museum of Asian art

Located at the Palace of St. Michael and St. George at the heart of Corfu old town.

Contains a superb collection of artefacts from China and Japan.

Among the exhibits stands out the Bronze vases of China of the time of Chinese entry in historical times”, the pottery of the Cheo era and figurines since the Han dynasty.

Byzantine Museum of Corfu

Byzantine museum is housed in the church of Panagia Antivouniotissa in Kampielo at Mouragia and includes sculptures of Christian architecture, parts of mosaic floors, frescoes, and Byzantine icons from the 16th to the 18th century from various churches on the island.

Mon Repos, the Museum

A Palace built by the British Commissioner Sir Frederick Adam in 1830 when the island was under British rule, built within the boundaries of the ancient city of Corfu before the excavations which unearthed the ruins of the ancient city.

Once was the summer villa of the former Greek royal family and birthplace for Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Today it houses the museum of Paleopolis that was the ancient Corfu.

Exhibits are archaeological findings from the first antiquities found during the British rule and findings from the excavations between 1936-1955 which revealed parts of the ancient Agora and the early Christian basilica.

Museum in Achilleion

The Achillion Palace built-in 1890 by Queen Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary, now a museum and historical site.

The palace is one of the finest buildings on the entire island and it has been named after the epic hero Achilles from Iliad

Its close proximity from the town of Corfu, makes Achilleion Museum a perfect choice to visit.

Apart from the astonishing palace guests may enjoy the fantastic gardens and the breathtaking views to Ionian Sea.

Solomos museum

This is the house of Greece’s national poet, Dionysios Solomos. He wrote the National Anthem of Greece, along with many other poems and significant masterpieces of literature.  In this house, there are spectacular details that will depict the life of this prominent writer, such as the table where he used to write and multiple personal items.